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Written by Peter Carter on Mar. 3rd 2020
One of the core elements to help scale aggressively and connect with your customers with ads is to get your messaging nailed.

I love Yotpo’s review app for Shopify and always recommend it to my clients. It has a whole host of benefits that help increase sales and conversions and I've found it to be the most solid review app out of the bunch.

The social proof element of seeing someone else comment on what they liked about your product, their experience with your brand or even how fast shipping was has a huge impact on conversions and I like to pay attention to the data we get from the app to take it one step further.

There’s no better way to connect with your target audience than by using language and terminology that they respond to and there’s a great trick we use to get this conclusive data.

We recommend getting at least 100+ reviews so the data is solid and then using the export feature within the Yotpo app in Shopify to export all of the reviews into a CSV.

Next, head over to wordcounter.net or similar and paste in the review titles and body text and look at the top ten most frequently used words or phrases.

This is the exact language our target audience uses and we can use this across our Shopify product page copy, email marketing, Facebook advertising campaigns and even on the phone!

Subconsciously, people will instantly connect with us when we speak to them in their language and we will find it very easy to understand how what we’re offering them. This will help them and nudge them from ad > purchase. Give it a try! 

Peter Carter

Peter Carter helps eCommerce brands grow their sales profitably with Facebook Ads.  He is an expert at helping people run profitable campaigns and makes things super simple to understand.

If you're interested in discovering how to stop wasting money on your campaigns and scaling up the right way then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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