$4 Million In Sales - 4 Ways To Ensure Longevity
Written by Peter Carter on Feb. 3rd 2020
$4 Million In Sales - 4 Ways To Ensure Longevity

1. Know your customers and speak directly to them. It goes without saying that you have to have an exact demographic profile of who your ideal customers are. It's not uncommon for brands to print out a picture of people who look like their target audience and have them stuck on their office wall! 

2. Test pre-sell pages. We saw a double in ROAS for our largest client account when they went from Facebook & Instagram ads > pre-sell page. This page leveraged noteworthy publications they had been in, customer testimonials and awards they had received with clear call to actions to the product page.

3. Make sure that you don't just hammer people with a product and sales-focused emails but provide useful, valuable content to keep your list engaged and open rates high. 

4. Focus on your core winning products to acquire customers. If your line has multiple products it, a great idea to focus your marketing efforts on your key winning products and understand what helps increase conversions. Remarketing campaigns to resell the same product again to someone works particularly well, especially if you time it when you know the current one may have come to the end of its life cycle or run out if you sell consumable products.⁣

Peter Carter

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