FB Ads for Ecom Review (2023)

Is It Still Worth It?




Learn step-by-step how to scale your Shopify brand with Facebook Ads without relying on an agency!


Set clear goals & see a breakdown of the 2 campaign types that are killing it in 2023.


Download the exact profit tracking sheet we use to generate $1,000,000+ per month

Quick Fixes

5 proven fixes inside Shopify that 7, 8 and 9 figure brands implement


See the proven creative format that is most profitable for us in 2023

Campaign Types

The 2 campaign types we use to test and scale into millions in spend, and how to set them up step-by-step

Ad Copy

Download our 3 most proven ad copy formats we use to spend $40,000+ per day


Step-by-step campaign checklist and ads setup in the format that works in 2023.


A proven 10-Step framework to analyze the performance of your ads + proven examples of 7 figure ads campaigns.


The exact blueprint we use to scale up budgets, whether you're spending $300/day or $30,000/day

PLUS exclusive perks with your "PREMIUM" Course purchase!

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The following are currently included with the course:



Join a world-wide community of 150+ Shopify brands in an exclusive FB group reserved for PREMIUM members.

$300 VALUE


Get a customized loom video audit where I'll personally analyze your ad account & give you a step-by-step plan to grow.

$300 VALUE


Get a personalized UX audit of your Shopify store by an award-winning Shopify Plus agency.

$100-$500 VALUE

Access to FUTURE Content

Our team creates and updates new course content regularly, making sure you don't miss the most up-to-date strategies.

$600+ VALUE

Downloads & Templates

Profit tracking sheet, pre-sell template, worksheets and more!


LIVE Group Q&A Sessions

Tune in to our LIVE group Q&A sessions to have your personal questions answered.


$3,000+ VALUE


Lifetime Membership


One Upfront Payment

  • Life Access to ALL Content

  • Billed ONE time only

  • Stream all 50+ Videos

  • Access FUTURE Videos

  • FB Group Access for LIFE

  • Free UX Audit

  • Downloads/Presets & More

  • Free Account Audit

  • 30 Day Refund Policy


Don't love our product? We offer full refunds within 30 days. At a 97% satisfaction rating, we are confident you WILL love it!


Day 1​| Laying Your Foundations

Setup, how ads work now & how to triple profit in 3 months with a 150k/mo profit case study

Bonus (worth $300): I record you a private strategy video/audit specifically for your brand

Day 2| Thinking from the end

Let's set your clear goals & show you a breakdown of campaigns, ads and targeting that are killing it right now

Day 3| The 2 tools I use to do 7 figures a month

I give you 2 critical tools to help you focus & plan your new ad campaigns and track profit

Day 4| Numbers, tracking and your monthly profit plan

I give you the spreadsheet we use to make decisions with ads, no Hyros or any of that expensive tracking software needed!

Day 5​| The FB ads 2.0 ecosystem

Ads work differently these days, and the good news is its way more simple than before. We take a look at what's changed and how they work today

Day 6| 5 quick fixes to instantly help conversions and profit

We check in on 5 proven things inside Shopify that can help your ads perform WAY better

Day 7| Recommended apps to increase profit

The core Shopify apps you can use to help AOV, conversions and growth

Day 8​| How to get $10k-$100k in free ad spend

Here I show you why its important to build a relationship with meta, so you can push to get ad credits and support when you need it in your account from a proper account manager (not the annoying ones that phone you)

Day 9| Guaranteed profit with email marketing

This is such an important part of running ads that I see almost every brand get wrong. I give you the easy steps to make sure you get it right!

Day 10| Your leading products and offers

Case study: $10k/day product + offer breakdown
Case study: $25k/day product + offer breakdown
Case study: $30k/day product + offer breakdown

Day 11| The exact creatives that kill it with ads

We look at the creatives that work today and are allowing me to give brands their biggest ever months. I then show you how you can easily do the same

Day 12| FB Checks and setup for success

We check you have everything ready to get launching some campaigns

Day 13| Ads manager view and audience building

Let's look in ads manager and save some templates so you can focus on the handful of things that impact your ads

Day 14| Breakdown of each campaign type

Here we take a look at the types of campaigns we use to generate massive growth

Day 15| The ad copy I use to spend $40k/day

I give you the ad copy swipe file I use to run ads across all types of niches and how you can plug it in to your brand

Day 16| Step by step ads launching

My students get such good results because I teach in a step-by-step format. Here we get campaigns built in your account based on what works today and following a numbered checklist

Day 17| How to analyse results

What to look at to know how well your ads are performing. I tie this into real-life examples in real accounts.

Day 18| How to scale budgets

I show you the principles on how to scale up your budget, whether you're spending $300/day or $30,000/day

Day 19 | How to spend profitably

Case studies in accounts spending from $600/day > $8500/day and what we use from this course in them

Day 20| Keeping momentum and profit growth

How to dial in the elements in your ads ecosystem to seriously start to scale

Day 21| Using pre-sell pages to scale hard

An amazing way to scale and grow by pre-selling customers within Shopify before they end up on your product page. We give you a proven template (worth $700) that you can edit and install yourself!

Day 22| Q4: How to do a month's profit in 3 days

You have to plan for Q4 WAY ahead of time. Brand's I've helped have gone on to have $300k/days following the things I show you in this day

Day 23| Your brand birthday week

How to have a huge week of sales and profit celebrating your brand birthday week

Day 24| What I did today in 6 ads accounts

I break down what I did in 6 ads accounts ranging from $600/day > $8,500/day spend based on what is in this course

Day 25| How to run ads to scale to 6 figure days

I show you the different factors that come into play if you're looking to get to these high levels

Day 26| Using profits to free up time and hire A-Players

I show you how to build a solid team so you can focus on profit and growth

Day 27| Focus, energy and investing

How to stay focused to keep levelling up, and where I invest my profits

Day 28| The people you need to rely on to help you grow

I give you the contact details of my copywriter, design and dev and let you know why its so important to have A Players to help with these things

Day 29| Comfort or profit? How to level up again and again

How to stay in a growth mindset and keep levelling up with your ads

Day 30| How I can help you directly and the important of the private Facebook group

Ask anyone in the Private Facebook group and they'll tell you I go above and beyond to personally help you get ahead


Who is this course for?

You are a brand on Shopify and want a proven step-by-step process in a course format that shows you how to build, launch and scale Facebook & Instagram ads

How long do I have access to the program and when does it start?

You get lifetime access to the program. Once you enrol, you have unlimited access to the program for as long as you like. 

Does this cover Facebook & Instagram ads?

Yes. They're the same thing and launched from the same place - whenever I say Facebook ads, I'm referring to both. 

Are the modules drip-fed, or can I work through them quickly?

You can work through the days as fast you like and have access to them all instantly. 

How long before I get ads going?

You can work through the days as fast you like and have access to them all instantly. Some days have one video, others like day 16, have more. 

What exactly is included with the program?

30 days of videos that you follow step by step. A free Loom audit from Peter (worth $300), worksheets, templates, cheatsheets, the private community, live Q&A sessions and more...

I'm stuck with an ads agency running my ads

Tons of members in the group realised it's time to get rid of the agency when they are not doing a good job and take control of it themselves. If they are truly doing a bad job, then they should let you out of your contract early if you express how unhappy you are, and that you are in a lot of eCommerce groups on Facebook and will share your feedback there. 

What skill level is this program for?

If you have some experience launching some ads already...great! But there are many members in the group who had never run ads before and have now grown and scaled their brand as a result of Facebook & Instagram ads. I help you with any questions you have. 

I have someone in-house who I want to take the course, will that work?

Yes! There are brands in the group where someone in-house has taken the course, and implemented the ads into the business. I do recommend taking a keen interest in this though, as it's the most important income generating activity in your business!


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